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AS4: Although in reality MUEs first measure received pilot signals to determine average received SINR which is used to classify cell-center and cell-edge UEs, for sake of tractability the partitioning criterion used in this work is a circular distance with radius [R.
HW] within the classical sequential tradition is very complicated, necessitating impractical assumptions to maintain analytical tractability.
We model the recruitment rate of honest employees by corrupt employees as a constant for tractability and use dot notation to indicate the derivative of the variable with respect to time.
For the sake of tractability, we assume a lump-sum tax that is identical for skilled and unskilled residents.
Regardless of its breed, features to look for in a suitable steer are alertness, tractability, strong bones and muscles for power, and straight, strong legs for traveling.
We base the GA on a model chosen for the tractability of the resulting expressions and we reparameterize the inputs in a way that restores consistency as much as possible.
2) For tractability of the analysis, linear demand functions have been used in many previous studies, including Basar and Ho (1974), Vives (1984), Sakai (1985, 1986), Gar-Or (1986), Sakai and Yamato (1990), and Sakai and Yoshizumi (1991).
Those questions were the right ones to pose about Ectot's temperament and tractability, Avenir Certain's stamina, the lack of Longchamp experience of the Japanese horses and jockeys, the difficulty for Taghrooda and Kingston Hill in defying wide draws and, in the case of Roger Varian's St Leger-winning colt, yet another test on unsuitable fast ground.
Further credit goes to the 113bhp, 1,596cc engine for its tractability.
Modi's overt tractability can well be the muscle power India needs to recompense for its flaccid stance over the last decade.
The mathematical modeling of society is made possible, according to Pentland, by the innate tractability of human beings.
In the interests of tractability this article focuses primarily on the monetary policy dimensions of governance and accountability.