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Afferent limb of vomiting reflex from mechano- and chemoreceptors in the gastrointestinal tract is relayed via vagus nerve to the nucleus tractus solitarius in the brainstem.
Nitric oxide reduces blood pressure in the nucleus tractus solitarius: a real time electrochemical study.
Objective: TraCTUs aims to investigate the social dynamics of European prehistoric communities between the 4th and the 3rd millennium BC, studying the phenomenon of craft specialization through an integrated approach of theoretical and empirical analyses.
Some of these effects are mediated by the AMPK pathway, which is inhibited by stimulation of GLP1R located in the nucleus of tractus solitarius, parabracheal nucleus, area postrema, hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus, and dorsal medical hypothalamus.
Les resultats de cette etude suggerent que certains tractus de la substance blanche (par exemple, le faisceau uncine, le faisceau longitudinal superieur, le corps calleux) n'atteignent leur pleine maturite qu'a la fin de la puberte (Asato et al.
Meister, "Protein components of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in the brainstem area postrema-nucleus tractus solitarius region," Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy, vol.
The inscriptions read: PATALIS hic tractus a nonullis nuncupatur ("This tract called by some [Regio] Patalis"); and LOCACH REGIO videtur hic poni a M.
Abbreviations SBP --spontaneous bacterial peritonitis CRP --C-reactive protein PCT --procalcitonin ITU --infectio tractus urinarii
Antitussive agents suppress the cough reflex peripherally by suppressing the stimulation of sensory neurons in the airways or centrally at the level of the cough center in the nucleus tractus solitarius and its integrating network (Reynolds et al.
Hypotensive effects of neuromedin U microinjected into the cardiovascular related region of the rat nucleus tractus solitarius.
Buecheler 1895-1897) Quod si fort[e t]uus non me vitaverit axis, Excutiere rotis [e]t tractus ut He[c]tor Home[ri Debilior nobis i[n]ter tua plaustra iacebis (21).