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BALANCE OF TRADE, Com. law. The difference between the exports and importations, between two countries. The balance of trade is against that country which has imported more than it has exported, for which it is debtor to the other country.

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Previous reports from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) have shown that Egypt's trade balance deficit registered EGP 19.
In October 2014,the total foreign trade balance (exports FOB - import CIF) was negative and amounted to BGN 697.
Meantime, the Iranian minister of communications and information technology underlined the need for cooperation between the two states' economic, technological and industrial sectors to achieve the important goal of the 30-billion-dollar trade balance.
Table: El Salvador Food And Drink Trade Balance, 2011-2018 49
Meanwhile, Tehran's trade balance with 89 other countries was negative: the United Arab Emirates with -$4.
Additionally, the preliminary data shows a significant reduction in the trade balance deficit by e1/4450 million in the period between January and April 2013 which shrank to e1/41.
The trade balance situation will continue to improve," the ministry said.
A ministry official noted the government is paying attention to the rapid deterioration in the goods trade balance.
South Africa's trade balance turned to a surplus in March from a deficit in February, helped mainly by higher exports of precious and semi-precious stones and mineral products, data released by South African Revenue Service showed Friday.
The rise in Yemen's imports and decline in its exports to Netherlands led to a high in the trade balance between the two countries for the benefit of Netherlands by a total sum of YR 111.
This paper examines the short run and long run effects of real exchange rate changes and Free Rate Agreement (FTA) on the real trade balance of Sri Lanka with major trade partners.
While trade flows for both exports and imports slowed in 2009, the EU27 trade balance of non-woven roll goods was still highly positive, in both volume and value," said Jacques Prigneux, EDANA's market analysis and economic affairs director.