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A proclamation or order of government, usually issued in time of war or threatened hostilities, prohibiting the departure of ships or goods from some or all ports until further order. Government order prohibiting commercial trade with individuals or businesses of other specified nations. Legal prohibition on commerce.

The temporary or permanent Sequestration of the property of individuals for the purposes of a government, e.g., to obtain vessels for the transport of troops, the owners being reimbursed for this forced service.


noun authoritative stoppage of trade, ban, bar, control of trade, debarment, denial, detention of ships, disallowance of trade, exclusion from commerce, forbiddance, freeze, governmental order of prohibition, halt, legal restraint, preclusion, prohibition, restraint, restriction, stop, stoppage
Associated concepts: embargo of commerce, embargo of goods, embargo of products
See also: attachment, ban, bar, boycott, check, condemn, debar, enjoin, hindrance, interdict, obstacle, obstruction, prohibit, prohibition, proscribe, proscription, restraint, seclude, veto

EMBARGO, maritime law. A proclamation, or order of state, usually issued in time of war, or threatened hostilities, prohibiting the departure of ships or goods from some, or all the ports of such state, until further order. 2 Wheat. 148.
     2. The detention of ships by an embargo is such an injury to the owner as to entitle him to recover on a policy of insurance against "arrests or detainments." And whether the embargo be legally or illegally laid, the injury to the owner is the same; and the insurer is equally liable for the loss occasioned by it. Marsh. Ins. B. 1, c. 12, s. 5; 1 Kent, Com. 60 1 Bell's Com. 517, 5th ed.
     3. An embargo detaining a vessel at the port of departure, or in the course of the voyage, does not, of itself, work a dissolution of a charter party, or the contract with the seamen. It is only a temporary restraint imposed by authority for legitimate political purposes, which suspends, for a time, the performance of such contracts, and leaves the rights of parties untouched, 1 Bell's Com. 517; 8 T. R. 259; 5 Johns. R. 308; 7 Mass. R. 325, 3 B. & P. 405-434; 4 East, R. 546-566.

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Americans support re-establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba, ending the trade embargo and ending travel restrictions to the island.
The United States restored diplomatic ties and dropped a trade embargo in 2004.
However, Herzfeld noted that Cuba is going to have to make efforts to implement long-demanded democratic reforms before the trade embargo is banished altogether.
Cuba has been suffering because of a US trade embargo which has cost the island pounds 40billion since 1960.
trade embargo (at present Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, and Cuba).
It's unlikely that the end of the trade embargo will drastically affect the U.
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The high-level talks come as US oil companies are gradually unfurling a campaign for Washington to ease the sanctions that have kept them out of the race for Iranian oil projects since Bill Clinton enacted a full trade embargo in 1995".
Clinton lifted the trade embargo on Vietnam in 1994, and a year later the United States restored full diplomatic relations with its former foe.
trade embargo on Cuba had failed in the House by just a handful of votes--and only because the three Cuban-American members cashed in nearly all of their political chips to prevent its passage.
and other sources, at least 1 million Iraqis have died because of malnutrition and a scarcity of basic medical supplies resulting from the trade embargo against Iraq.