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After numerous interviews, review of our acquisition training and case studies of randomly selected Fiscal Year 2013 competitive awards of more than $1 million each, GAO reported: "DoD's reasons for choosing LPTA or trade-off were generally consistent with guidance in the FAR [Federal Acquisition Regulation] and DoD's source selection procedures .
In fact, before fuel economy became important in the last twenty years or so, this trade-off had been the most important consideration in tire performance balance.
Order weight is also associated with a trade-off measure indicating the degree of compensation between criteria.
Gallup first asked Americans about this trade-off in 1984, at which time over 60% chose the environmental option.
The trade-off for this question amounts to a choice between quantity and selectivity.
They wrote, 'We found significant genetic trade-offs between key female life-history traits, specifically longevity and AFR (age at first reproduction), and longevity and MIBI (mean interbirth interval).
The researchers randomly selected 61 such patients and a total of 63 physicians (30 family physicians and 33 general internists or subspecialists) from large databases to examine how each group viewed the trade-offs between the risk of stroke and the risk of bleeding with anticoagulation therapy.
Societies can choose the size of their States and the amount to be spent with the desirable social and economic objectives just as they can choose to make its labour market more flexible as a trade-off for a more dynamic economy.
These decision scores were used to produce error trade-off curves in order to see how misses may be traded off against false alarms.
From China's standpoint, no trade-off exists between strategic interests and increased trade.
LEADING Ulster Unionist Jeffrey Donaldson warned Peter Mandelson last night against any trade-off involving security in return for IRA disarmament.
Many times the discussion returned to the idea, which may seem obvious in theory but isn't always in practice, that we negotiate a trade-off between artistic excellence and health.