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The question remains whether tradition-bound Europe can do that.
The accompanying exhibition catalogue contains nine essays challenge the prevailing view of Angelico as the tradition-bound painter of pious Madonnas, repositioning him on the cutting edge of Renaissance artistic developments, and revealing the Dominican networks crucial to his success.
Likewise, the tradition-bound 124 Spider delivers a considerable dose of driving pleasure for a very reasonable price.
Some have tackled career paths that seem daunting; others have brought new ideas and methods to tradition-bound organizations.
Through silence and complicity, or by taking part directly in the running propaganda war against Syria on the pretext of its non-existent chemical attack, some UN member states are also failing Syria, too timid and tradition-bound to warn of the terrible new dangers that the region is facing.
Attitude, meanwhile, is paradoxically the most tradition-bound of the trio, with a classic swept profile and abundant wood and leather.
Situating fashion as the epitome of modernity and placing it exclusively in the West, these discourses 'reinforc[e] conceptions of Africa as distant, tradition-bound, and wholly separate from the high fashion cultures of Europe' (p.
The fact that its won the Golden Globe for best TV drama augurs very well indeed for the future of the new television-so, the more tradition-bound competition should take note with alacrity-and wake up
Yet his biggest imprint before departing in January may be the economic changes he helped usher into the tradition-bound game.
Youfit Health Clubs operates on a unique business model in the tradition-bound fitness world - there are no long-term contracts, and no salespeople to pressure users.
In her short time at the helm, Hood pushed the org known for being tradition-bound to embracing the changing multi-platform landscape.
The chancellor - a surgeon in real life - has been at the center of a political maelstrom, caught in some ways between a tradition-bound academic and alumni community and a state government trying to impose some efficiencies and some new ideas in higher education.