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He rules an aging, tradition-bound country that seeks a vigorous, innovative future.
Yet his biggest imprint before departing in January may be the economic changes he helped usher into the tradition-bound game.
SHIFTING CONSUMER PREFERENCES, NEW COMPETITIVE REALITIES The genesis of the company was born out of an industry-commissioned market study that revealed growing dissatisfaction with the industry's tradition-bound practices.
Youfit Health Clubs operates on a unique business model in the tradition-bound fitness world - there are no long-term contracts, and no salespeople to pressure users.
The chancellor - a surgeon in real life - has been at the center of a political maelstrom, caught in some ways between a tradition-bound academic and alumni community and a state government trying to impose some efficiencies and some new ideas in higher education.
Her goal was to validate or debunk common household customs of cookery, clean living and good order by scientific means, and in that way promote sound practices in this tradition-bound arena.
Here, too, are tradition-bound but often narrow-minded islanders, devout and lapsed Catholics, clear-eyed atheists, nationalists who suffered under both Italian and communist rule, brutal informers, successful arrivistes with ties to New York's high culture, humble but self-sufficient diasporans, and present-day toughs who find meth heaven in America.
The number-crunchers at Gapfinder attribute the shifting family dynamics to social change - even in what is often viewed as the tradition-bound Muslim world.
Introducing new ideas to tradition-bound lawyers is challenging, but who better to carry the torch of change than trusted marketers who have learned and embraced and adopted new ideas.
Critics of the kingdom opined that Saudi Arabia dealt with international concerns with the mentality of the badu, which essentially meant that such pontificators neither mastered international affairs nor had a clue about what motivated a tradition-bound Bedouin who valued honour such as much as power.
Like Besim, my dad was born in a poor, harsh, tradition-bound society deeply imbued with ancient customs 6 an unforgiving environment that most were crushed by.
US-educated Masako has reportedly struggled with the cloistered nature of royal life in one of the world's oldest and most tradition-bound monarchies.