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He made the declaration while speaking with Saturday Tribune in a telephone interview, describing Gani Adams as a traditionalist who has utmost respect for values and cultures, irrespective of all religious biases.
Francis had indicated a move toward unity between the wider church and the traditionalist society with the opening of the ongoing Jubilee Year of Mercy last fall.
Then-Pope Benedict XVI launched an investigation into the congregation after five of its priests complained that the order was taking on an overly traditionalist bent, with the old Latin Mass being celebrated more and more at the expense of the liturgy in the vernacular.
A half-century ago conservatives were as much divided as they are today, philosophically broken into warring tribes of virtue-minded traditionalists and freedom-loving libertarians.
In spite of women now making up around a third of all clergy, and just under half of those training for ordination, the Church has struggled to draw up legislation introducing women bishops which is accepted by both traditionalists and pro-women campaigners.
Pius X is an estranged traditionalist group currently in dialogue with Rome.
Pro-women campaigners have said that the new amendment would enshrine discrimination against women in law by allowing traditionalists to choose a male bishop who shares their own views on female clergy.
When discussing careers, the Traditionalist and Baby Boomer, have been secure and loyal to their first and perhaps even second, employer.
Earlier this month, three serving and two retired traditionalist Anglican bishops announced they would be among the first to leave the Church of England in order to accept an offer from Pope Benedict XVI.
The last-ditch proposal was designed to prevent an exodus of traditionalist priests, who are now likely to defect to the Roman Catholic Church.
Eight percent of the Jews defined themselves as hareidi-religious, 12% as religious, 13% as traditionalist-religious and 25% as traditionalist but "not so religious.
CDATA[ Eight percent say they are hareidi-religious, 12% religious, 13% traditionalist-religious and 25% traditionalist but 'not so religious.