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Traditionality could not formally be tested as a potential mediator since it did not meet the criteria of having an independent significant relationship with the outcome variable, when the main predictor variable of immigrant status was present.
The purpose of this section is to derive empirical measures of the degree of traditionality of the specific export industry as well as measures of the extent of export diversification and structural change in Pakistan's export.
Career choice was defined by the degree of traditionality, prestige, and science-relatedness of the chosen career.
attitudes toward the oppressive, male-biased traditionality that presides over a comparatively open modern urban environment.
It changed rules, created new states, imposed artificial borders and basically preserved the backwardness and traditionality of the existing tribal order.
However, it needs to be noted that Indigenous peoples are not always 'pinned' or caught by this traditionality discourse; rather, they are figured as having lost their culture.
Here was a return to a more polarising, and homogenising pre WHO (2002) discourse as much a misrepresentation of healers as its polar opposite, a homogenising romantic rhetoric conflating traditionality and 'authenticity'.
Dimensions of masculinity and major choice traditionality.
Relationally Oriented Masculinity, Gender Nontraditional Interests, and Occupational Traditionality of Employed Men LaRae M.
Fathers' parenting beliefs were assessed using the traditionality subscale of the Parental Modernity Scale of Child-Rearing and Educational Beliefs (Shaefer & Edgerton, 1985).
However, career interests and traditionality (the degree to which a given occupation is perceived as more suitable for exclusively women, exclusively men, or either) also were explored.
In the mid-1970s Orville Redenbacher traded on his "country hick" appearance, linking his "gourmet popcorn" to a traditionality it never really had, and invented for the purpose.