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Out of the outstanding US racemare Personal Ensign, Traditionally won five races in the US and nearly EUR500,000 in prize-money.
The economic gains earned by Blacks who attended a historically Black institution, as opposed to Blacks who attended traditionally White institutions, declined dramatically from the 1970s to the 1990s, according to "The Causes and Consequences of Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities" by Drs.
plant materials traditionally found on single-family home sites, including flowering shrubs and material that attracts birds and other wildlife
The marriage season in India is traditionally launched with festivals celebrating holy basil.
Finding a vaccine would send a potent message that drug companies can improve the lives of hundreds of millions of poor--a public they have traditionally ignored.
Traditionally occupying one corner of a Naxi house, the stair frees up space to provide more flexible orthogonal rooms while celebrating the ritual of teachers making their way to the classrooms below.
Jose Sanchez, 37, who heads the Aztec dancing group that performed Sunday, said the dead are thought to visit the living on Day of the Dead and the cempasuchil is traditionally placed to form a path leading them back to their resting place after the festival.
Some question how Westerners will respond to an increase of soy in their diet, especially if the increase trumps the levels traditionally consumed by Asians.
The evolution of bhangra--a male folk dance traditionally not for women at all--from folk dance to popular club music to aerobic workout reveals the creative tension between nostalgia and change.
A tree whose seeds have traditionally been used in China to treat asthma and other respiratory problems.
Traditionally, during the seclusion period following the circumcision, cut boys, already physically "made into men," were taught how to behave, feel, and function as men.
The retooling of the plant will require changing the "green end," which accepts round wood that traditionally supplied the plant with its fibre for making particleboard.