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The line between cutting a dash and becoming a figure of ridicule is often gossamer thin" Actor Michael Simkins on older men being traduced by the fashion industry.
Still, despite being traduced as banshees and probably harridans and harpies too, the Women in Football network has made many of the most pertinent contributions to the debate.
Myth of the North, presented by former Guardian hack Martin 'Sweetie' Wainwright aims to show how northerners are endlessly traduced by wily southerners.
After Tom explained how he had apologised to Mr Mitchell, we had a long discussion about how shocking it was that he could have had his character traduced in such a way.
If one feels that a value or a belief or a form that one cherishes has been traduced, one should rise to its defense.
JFK also had his father traduced, with former ambassador Joseph Kennedy being described as, among other things, a serial fornicator, bootlegger, and Nazi sympathiser.
They have had their charac ters traduced in the news papers, been attacked by frontbenchers and now they've been found innocent of any of the allegations.
The publication might have sold well, but in the process the publishers sacrificed and traduced all principles of journalism.
For that I was traduced by MPs like him as a 'lone-wolf' an 'oddball', 'un-clubbable'.
Those traduced critics were often censored for good measure.
Filmed plays are hardly a new invention, and we remember them all too well-the dimensions of a theatre performance rendered flat by the camera's glass eye, even the greatest performances traduced to be either remote or overblown; acting for the stage is not acting for the camera.