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The measurement of the operational temperatures is performed by a device with 6 measuring channels having as traducers some miniature resistance.
Here, however, there is clear evidence of traducers of the Flavian gens in operation: those who alleged a Transpadane origo were suggesting at the least that the family was not from Italy and probably that the great-grandfather was not even born a Roman citizen.
For example, in William Oland Bourne's "Typee: The Traducers of Missions," there is more at stake than Melville's "pertinacity of misrepresentation.
Inasmuch as the traducers of the race have 'settled' the matter in this fashion, they naturally oppose any effort to change this status.
We come not to dominate you, as our traducers allege against us, nor yet to encroach on your own perfect and sacred rights.
He turned a smiling, friendly face to his traducers.