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For example, in William Oland Bourne's "Typee: The Traducers of Missions," there is more at stake than Melville's "pertinacity of misrepresentation.
Inasmuch as the traducers of the race have 'settled' the matter in this fashion, they naturally oppose any effort to change this status.
The disproportionate presence of Jews in the arts--as in other areas of public life--further inflamed passions against the enemies and traducers of "ancient German values.
We come not to dominate you, as our traducers allege against us, nor yet to encroach on your own perfect and sacred rights.
He turned a smiling, friendly face to his traducers.
Forced to the bottom of the economic rung by racism and forced to perform routine work for tips and piddling wages, they turned the tables on their traducers, making a thing of awesome dignity out of their jobs and climbing, one writer said, "a ladder of yes-sirs," to the heights.
It is now in order for the traducers of these people to show that those now arriving are in any way worse than the first arrivals, who are doing so well.
By and large, Bello's traducers may have to come to the reality that the man is unwavering in his determination to rescue Kogi and take it to the next level.