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According to a source in the FIA, the human traffickers gang was active in the twin cities and used to send people abroad on fake passports.
CHILDREN rescued from traffickers in Scotland have disappeared, potentially kidnapped and resold.
A month ago, Human Rights Watch issued a report that I researched showing how traffickers abuse African migrants in isolated camps in the desert, with the complicity of Yemeni officials.
An Eritrean man shows the wounds he says traffickers inflicted on him in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to force him and his relatives to pay ransom for his release
The figures also detail how 20 British girls have fallen victim to human traffickers following a series of cases of British girls being raped and exploited by Asian gangs.
As Naranjo said, for a long time "authorities have been concerned" by the lack of results that they obtain from turning over their nationals to the US Justice Department, but the volley of criticism jumped in April, when it became known that drug trafficker Phanor Arizabaleta was on his way back to the country.
Baghbani is accused of "allowing" Afghan traffickers to smuggle opiates into Iran "in return for assistance," which involved allowing traffickers to supply weapons to the Taliban "on behalf of Baghbani.
The Drug Combating Department also arrested a drug trafficker of Asian nationality in the wilayat of Seeb on the charges of possessing and abusing illegal drug substances.
They worked up to 20 hours a day as prostitutes to pay off pounds 20,000 traffickers paid for them and were charged pounds 300 a day "rent" for squalid London rooms.
In one instance, a trafficker made at least 19 visits to Costello's Gun Shop in North College Hill, Ohio, to buy Hi-Point pistols, but was never turned away.
Her original trafficker was an American from the Midwest.
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has labeled paramilitary leader Carlos Castano a "major drug trafficker.