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Martello maintained that the Italian tragedian must not be enslaved to any one meter, and he again stressed the importance of the freedom of meter so that Italian tragedies might correspond most accurately to the desired expression.
15) Later representations from the fifth century BC show the influence of the Athenian tragedians.
The inferiority of our author to the greater tragedians, prevents our feeling much desire to enter upon the respective merits and demerits of his several plays, especially as we are completely anticipated by Schlegel, with whose masterly analysis every reader ought to be acquainted.
an African tragedian (a native of Senegal, Africa) known by the appellation of the African Roscius.
2) The major studies are Herbert Marshall and Mildred Stock, Ira Aldridge: The Negro Tragedian (New York: Macmillan, 1958), and Owen Mortimer, Speak of Me as I am: The Story of Ira Aldridge (Wangaratta, Australia: Owen Mortimer, 1995), but there have been numerous articles as well.
So the comedic and tragedian writers (yes, I have a dictionary now) make up two versions of a story with the same start: a woman interrupting a dinner party.
with the famed tragedian Edwin Booth, she insisted on and won equivalent
He is simply the Shakespeare of our day, a bawdy comic, a brilliant tragedian, a historian who would seem to know the full measure of human folly and dignity.
His most important inspiration was drawn rather from the Greek tragedian Aeschylus's Prometheus.
On the left, occupying more than half of the state, the radical writers shine resplendent under dialect lighting-effects, one ear attuned to the Slavic accents of the stooge in the prompter's box and the other to the tender reverberations of their chief tragedian, Shlonsky, who walks Hamlet-like among them.
Russian "Eclipse": Mussorgsky: revolutionary tragedian.