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Between the late 1830's and the mid 1850's la grande Rachel--or simple la grande--was the reigning tragedienne of France.
In Tragic Muse, her biography of the 19th-century French tragedienne Rachel Felix, Rachel Brownstein ambitiously sets out to deconstruct ideas of biography, gender and fame.
In the meantime, in 1902, she found her vocation as poet while watching a stage performance by the Italian tragedienne Eleonora Duse.
Although not a natural born tragedienne, mezzo soprano Susan Graham presents a fresh-voiced, youthful Didon.
Siddons, but rather to create the definitive representation of the greatest tragedienne to grace the British stage," so the challenge for theater managers must have been to create the definitive tragedy in each performance starring Siddons.
Victor Hugo, voyant un cable qu'on entoure de chiffons a l'endroit ou il porte sur une arete vive, voit en meme temps les genoux de la tragedienne qui sont matelasses contre les chutes dramatiques du cinquieme acte; et ces deux choses si loin, un cordage amarre sur un rocher et les genoux d'une actrice, se trouvent, le temps de notre lecture, evoques dans un parallele qui nous seduit parce que les genoux et la corde, les uns en dessus, l'autre en dessous, sont egalement 'fourres', parce que la corde que fait un cable ainsi jete ressemble assez a une jambe pliee, parce que la situation de Gil[l]iatt est parfaitement tragique et enfin parce que, tout en percevant la logique de ces rapprochements, nous en percevons, non moins bien, la delicieuse absurdite" (64) (7).
Inconsolable, Fernanda takes to the desert hills, howling for her offspring like a Greek tragedienne.
He also idolized the charismatic Petersburg tragedienne Ekaterina Semenova, daughter of a serf woman, who married Prince Gagarin in 1828 after retiring to Moscow.
Mucha's relationship with the French tragedienne, Sarah Bernhardt, was particularly fruitful.
To cite a small example, on 23 July 1773, as Covent Garden's new sensation the tragedienne Elizabeth Hartley was walking with the Reverend Henry Bate in Vauxhall Gardens, a group of men took such liberties in looking at her that Bate challenged them.