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Wopsle, as the ill-requited uncle of the evening's tragedy, fell to meditating aloud in his garden at Camberwell.
And so," he said, "perhaps the tragedy is to follow the farce after all.
Such are Dithyrambic and Nomic poetry, and also Tragedy and Comedy; but between them the difference is, that in the first two cases these means are all employed in combination, in the latter, now one means is employed, now another.
Tragedy may be your choice, but it will certainly appear that comedy chuses you.
I hope, monsieur, you will have the goodness to repeat to me a part of your tragedy presently, by way of dessert, for instance.
I was beginning to be bored with a tragedy that did not really concern me, and pretending to myself that I spoke in order to distract Stroeve, I turned with relief to other subjects.
As for Pierre Gringoire, he succeeded in saving the goat, and he won success in tragedy.
To none of these evidences of a fearful tragedy of a long dead day did little Tarzan give but passing heed.
Indeed," he declared, "there is a note of tragedy even in these simplest accidents of life.
The man himself was feeling the tragedy of the story he told.
John Mortonson was dead: his lines in "the tragedy 'Man'" had all been spoken and he had left the stage.
These three stories are called: The Tragedy of the Children of Lir; The Tragedy of the Children of Tuireann; and Deirdre and the Sons of Usnach.