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I'm not going to be held responsible for that trailer, anyhow.
The Desert Dervishes," they would call themselves, and their chief songs would be those popular ditties, "In my Trailer," and "What Price Hair-pins Now?
Trailer owners from across the US bring their trailers and equipment exclusively to Ainsworth Trailer Repair due to their reputation for long-lasting repairs, fair pricing and commitment to OEM standards.
Several trailer designs have been developed to improve access for large single trailers, including sliding-axle trailers, stinger-steered trailers and self-steered trailers (Sessions et al.
DENVER, May 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Prime Trailer Leasing, a leading provider for the rental and leasing of semi trailers, announced today it has purchased OnRamp Trailer Services from CR England, the largest refrigerated transportation company in the world.
This report examines the business of lowbed/heavy-haul trailer and oilfield float manufacture in North America.
In view of the lacking registration of trailers in the past, many trailer-related accidents used to be registered as accidents caused by ordinary vehicles, without mentioning trailers," said Al Tayer.
This was stated by Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman and Executive Director of RTA, following six months' successful experience of registration of trailers and semi-trailers instituted last February, with 1,684 trailers registered and 2,259 chassis numbered till July.
With the acquisition, Pitts Enterprises now owns and operates three trailer divisions: Pitts Trailers in Pittsview AL, Dynaweld Trailers of Columbus GA, and Dorsey Trailer.
But as Brown points out, such a truck has a lot less flexibility, and when it is down and out for mechanical problems, then an entire trucking unit is down and out (there is not a detachable cab or trailer to stay on the job separately).
His newest trailer quotes Police Chief William Bratton as saying the LAPD takes an hour or two to respond to burglar alarms.