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The department decided that CAT personnel would receive refresher training in conventional Mobile Field Force concepts to bring everyone up to the same competence level, regardless of when the academy had initially trained them.
In addition to these activities, since 11 September 2001 the WETP has also trained workers in cleaning up environmental problems stemming from the World Trade Center attacks, as well as potential bioterrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction.
Because they were going to be trained in a direct "hands-on" technology which had been proven to positively affect the health of residents, staff felt motivated to "buy in.
The Red Cross, which has trained up to 40,000 new nurse assistants in 1990-1991, offers administrators three training options.
As a better way to keep professionals well trained, a Bentley ETS can increase productivity and profits, help retain employees, improve collaboration with partners and suppliers, and enhance business agility.
I, for one, want the people holding the lives of my loved ones in their hands to be as thoroughly and professionally trained as possible.
In addition, each pilot and co-pilot team is trained together so that they learn to recognize each other's hypoxia symptoms.
These employees are expected to recognize the presence of hazardous materials, protect themselves, call for trained emergency response personnel, and secure the area.
Electronic-based training programs have the potential to dramatically increase the number of clinicians who may be trained at the same time and with substantially less cost.
Once officers are trained to use a firearm safely and to fire it with a reasonable degree of accuracy within the range of its capabilities, training should focus on applying the acquired skills to reasonably foreseeable circumstances and conditions.
The ETP has paid $800 million in training funds since its inception, with 500,000 California workers trained.
First, if a plaintiff alleges that a particular officer was unsatisfactorily trained, it could be that ".