trained person

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Flushing Bank CEO, John Buran, said, 'The universal banker concept is meant to provide an all-in-one experience with one highly trained person who takes care of all your needs.
The funding we receive would pay for a trained person to deliver these sessions, and would include any equipment and materials that may be needed for the activities.
Can be done by non medical trained person but nursing background does add credibility.
a properly trained person can bring order out of All this in addition to being mother to three teenagers.
Providing for such a population's first amendment religious rights and spiritual needs requires an individual interview of each inmate by a trained person.
Dahiya had said rushi and Hemraj's throats might have been slit by surgically trained person.
Any trained person able to use firefighting equipment can try to contain a small fire and prevent it from becoming a major disaster.
Magee's Peer Mentor Program, founded in 1995, is designed to offer newly injured patients and their families the opportunity to speak with a specially selected and trained person who has faced life circumstances similar to their own-and are living full lives.
The doctor's diagnosis may not be understood(and may even be wrong), but the fact that medical terms are used by a trained person is sufficiently comforting.
CRCC chief executive Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop said despite cuts there is always a trained person at the end of the line to listen to the harrowing and heinous crimes.
When the operator is also performing the sedation, an additional trained person should be dedicated to monitoring the patient and ensuring that the sedation does not progress beyond minimal sedation.
Remember, a First Aid at Work trained person will have to re-sit the three-day course rather than the two-day refresher if they miss the expiry date