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Hunter waited until his fellow-grooms had returned, when he sent a message to the trainer and told him what had occurred.
The door was open; inside, huddled together upon a chair, Hunter was sunk in a state of absolute stupor, the favorite's stall was empty, and there were no signs of his trainer.
They still had hopes that the trainer had for some reason taken out the horse for early exercise, but on ascending the knoll near the house, from which all the neighboring moors were visible, they not only could see no signs of the missing favorite, but they perceived something which warned them that they were in the presence of a tragedy.
Immediately beyond there was a bowl-shaped depression in the moor, and at the bottom of this was found the dead body of the unfortunate trainer.
His wet clothing showed that he had been out in the storm of the night before, and his stick, which was a Penang-lawyer weighted with lead, was just such a weapon as might, by repeated blows, have inflicted the terrible injuries to which the trainer had succumbed.
Then, having left the door open behind him, he was leading the horse away over the moor, when he was either met or overtaken by the trainer.
Silas Brown, the trainer, is known to have had large bets upon the event, and he was no friend to poor Straker.
It was twenty minutes, and the reds had all faded into grays before Holmes and the trainer reappeared.
There have been cases before now where trainers have made sure of great sums of money by laying against their own horses, through agents, and then preventing them from winning by fraud.
He was like so much cunning, massive steel machinery, and he did what Michael could never dream he did--and, for that matter, which few humans do and which all animal trainers do: HE KEPT ONE THOUGHT AHEAD OF MICHAEL'S THOUGHT ALL THE TIME, and therefore, was able to have ready one action always in anticipation of Michael's next action.
They looked upon themselves as wild-animal trainers, rulers of beasts.
Some of them even owned automobiles and traveled with a retinue of trainers and servants.

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