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The local police and firefighters have been training down at Amir's gym for some time now," the Daily Star quoted Amir's manager Asif Vali, as saying.
He said: "I've been training down at Huddersfield and it's a great club, with a super ground and training facilities.
But the e-mails from the organisers of the Dublin City Marathon claim I should wind my training down now.
The way I was training down there gave me the boot up the backside I needed.
The training down there can take me to the next level.
A small amount of Operational Low Flying Training down to 100ft is planned to take place over the Cambrian Mountains on the following dates and times:
Every effort has been made for inclusion and fair selection, and even for training down the road," said Dr.
Low-flying training down to 100ft is also planned to take place in the North, mostly in the Northumberland area north of the A69 and west of the A68, for 14 days during the month.

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