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In one sense, therefore, it is of greater value than any other institution for the training of men and women that we have, from Cambridge to Palo Alto.
And that is all our English reserve is--a mere matter of training.
After that he often came to see me, and when my mouth was healed the other breaker, Job, they called him, went on training me; he was steady and thoughtful, and I soon learned what he wanted.
Long practice and training, begun in the schools and continued in the experience of daily life, enable us to discriminate at once by the sense of touch, between the angles of an equal-sided Triangle, Square, and Pentagon; and I need not say that the brainless vertex of an acute-angled Isosceles is obvious to the dullest touch.
Then, too, with the certitude of long training and unholy intimacy, there were occasions when I engaged in drinking bouts with men.
And all that he leapt against was training, formula.
Gymnastic as well as music should begin in early years; the training in it should be careful and should continue through life.
I was training a crowd of ignorant folk into experts -- experts in every sort of handiwork and scientific calling.
By slow degrees he advanced the training until hours a day were devoted to it.

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