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11) It has generated books and articles by the trainload, each one by a self-proclaimed expert offering some purported original insight that will give that competitive edge.
Cheerfully, they toast the fast flying birds as they make ready to ship another freight trainload of shut gun shells.
We are also delivering our first trainload of fuel to a paper mill for a test burn.
Each count represents a trainload of Nazi prisoners from Hungary, Germany and Czechoslovakia who were killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau between May 1944 and October 1944, the documents said.
Arriving at Ostende with a trainload of refugees, the ship on which they were to leave was bombed and the family escaped to the beach, but were told another rescue ship was due.
In 1947 Middlesbrough actually ran out of potatoes and everyone was expectantly waiting for a promised trainload to arrive.
And as he sifted through the belongings of another trainload of doomed innocents, this time coming from his home town, he spotted a young girl's coat and a blue skirt on top of a pile of clothes just before the entrance to the extermination building.
YOBS risked the lives of a trainload of passengers when they threw a boulder and fence post on a railway line.
A US Cavalry colonel escorts a trainload of whisky little realising the trouble his much sought-after cargo will cause 1965 ***
Sardonic Frank chats up Laurel Pearson (Tea Leoni), a relative of one of the deceased, who is barely fazed to discover he comes with a trainload of baggage.
Risking death, he dangled precariously in front of a trainload of aghast passengers, including Mr Howson, while a gang of youths egged him on.
35pm DREADFUL espionage adventure directed by Richard Irving, about a trainload of spies vying to get their hands on a recently deceased scientist's top-secret research notes.