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Many trainloads were sent directly to their death, tricked into believing they were having a shower as they stood seconds away from suffocation.
He recounts workers on his collective farm being shot in 1937; trainloads of returning Red Army prisoners-of-war in 1945, passing through Yaroslav station on their way to the concentration camps of the east: 'Railway cars, small windows with iron bars; thin, pale, bewildered faces at the windows .
Even his wife and family had no idea of his work in evacuating children from Prague in eight trainloads that crossed Europe and arrived in London in 1939.
Its handling of the firefighters' dispute has been less than sure - with Geoff Hoon struggling to explain why troops were not trained on red fire engines and railway workers driving several trainloads of coaches through secondary picketing legislation.
Between 20 to 30 trainloads of fish worth about NOK10m have been halted on the way to European Union destinations because the cargo was rotten, according to the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.
22, 1911, during a massive land sale to trainloads of Angelenos hungry to own $350 lots where a dusty wheat field once stood.
Ironically, by the 1860s, trainloads of pilgrims were arriving weekly in Rome to seek out and lionize the successor to St.
Though Russian sellers may be ready to take payments in goods -- anything from trainloads of tomato paste to automobiles -- international sellers were more interested in working through USAID-grantee media org Internews, which already sponsors regional production, or international agencies able to barter airtime for programs.
It's a setback, but we refuse to accept that a national park could be violated by something as offensive as trainloads of garbage.
Spokeswoman Ms Paula Ghedini said Yugoslav authorities were now sending trainloads of refugees to Jazince, south-west of the capital, creating the likelihood of another bottleneck like the one at Blace.
Entergy uses about 6 million tons of coal per year at the White Bluff plant - about 450 trainloads of coal.
The hidden trainloads of atomic waste kill her lawn and bubble to the surface in pools of red liquid to stain her garage floor.