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Why, the degenerate fellow might as well have been a fiddler" Such are the compliments bandied between my great grandsires and myself, across the gulf of time And yet, let them scorn me as they will, strong traits of their nature have intertwined themselves with mine
His want of sentiment struck me as his one deplorable trait.
The latter trait shows how little better they are than the donkeys they eat and sleep with.
These are properties of life, and another trait is the notice of incessant growth.
Now, the dominating trait, the peculiar and distinctive trait of the character of the Primate of the Gauls, was the spirit of the courtier, and devotion to the powers that be.
But besides this, another trait in his character has become apparent, and as it is a good trait we will make haste to reveal it.
Every trait and every movement of the Tsar's seemed to him enchanting.
If there is anything in him which can be copied or burlesqued it is this ability of his to show men inwardly as well as outwardly; it is the only trait of his which I can put my hand on.
Again had she placed him under obligations to her, and Tarzan of the Apes did not wish to be obligated to a German spy; yet in his honest heart he could not but admit a certain admiration for her courage, a trait which always greatly impressed the ape-man, he himself the personification of courage.
The only way I can explain it is that it 's a family trait, and as natural to the brother as it is to the sister.
A single trait of feeling, taken from many others, will serve to show the point which this homage of a whole people to a single individual attained.
The trait of which I am speaking, I replied, may be also seen in the dog, and is remarkable in the animal.