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TRAITOR, crimes. One guilty of treason.
     2. The punishment of a traitor is death.

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Thou art a traitor, Mopo, as I have known for long, and I will serve thee as yonder dog served his faithless servant
So, speeding homeward from that traitor, he made ready his boat, and with his wife and three sons and two daughters and Havelok, they set sail upon the high sea, fleeing for their lives.
And of all that afterward befell Havelok and Goldboru, of how they went to Denmark and overcame the traitor there, and received the kingdom; and of how they returned again to England, and of how Godrich was punished, you must read for yourselves in the book of Havelok the Dane.
Then was it not the sacred duty of the men of Coketown, with forefathers before them, an admiring world in company with them, and a posterity to come after them, to hurl out traitors from the tents they had pitched in a sacred and a God-like cause?
There," said the king, "that consoles me; they are not all traitors.
The children of the traitors were persecuted by the children of the workers who had been betrayed, until it was impossible for the former to play on the streets or to attend the public schools.
As a result, driven back upon themselves from every side, the traitors and their families became clannish.
Despite being considered a traitor for his role in the fall of Jerusalem, siege of Masada, and subsequent climb in Roman society, he is depicted as having hoped that the Temple's fall was God's will and portended its rebuilding.
AS Britain rightly pays tribute to the last World War 1 hero Private Harry Patch who has died, aged 111, let there be no fictional glamorisation of the newly released memoir by despicable traitor Anthony Blunt, the so-called fourth man in the five-strong Cambridge spy ring which included Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean.
EXPLOITING the disparity between fact and illusion, Traitor is a taut thriller of political intrigue and espionage.
Thomas More, who was beheaded by Henry VIII in 1535 for failing to agree to his marriage to Anne Boleyn, is still listed in Britain's legal records as "a traitor to the Crown.
As mentioned in the article, John Anthony Walker, an American traitor, had provided the Russians with much secret information, including submarine activity, cryptics, etc.