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A tram at the new roundabout island at the junction of Stratford Road, Sandy Lane and Camp Hill, Bordesley, in February 1935
The Andrews Labor Government has placed the order for 20 E-Class trams, securing hundreds of Victorian jobs.
According to the 2005 study, the population density in the areas serviced by the Dubai Tram would increase upon occupation of the buildings constructed in the area to 60,000 people per square kilometre compared to the average density in the current urban areas of Dubai city is 3,000 people per square kilometre.
5 million passengers a year and is one of only a few in the world that has double-decker trams.
QF Tram System comprises 24 designated tram stations across 11.
There are no UK tram manufacturers but the deal struck by Centro with CAF allows manufacture of spare parts to be carried out by local firms.
Lifted by tractor from its resting place of so many years in a field above Brynamman, the tram was loaded onto a trailer and towed to AVRS headquarters at Enterprise House in Llansamlett, where it will be restored to its former glory.
Enter the Tram carriage from the right and left sides of the door and not from the middle
But that was in the early 1900s - his great aunt died in 1944, well into her 80s - and by the time Ossie came along in 1920 the scene was set for a golden age of transport and a childhood fascination of trams, as he told Remember When in 2003.
I didn't really get this feeling on Dubai's new tram, though.
Mudharreb said: "People are not required to check-in or check-out of the tram.
HH Sheikh Hamdan rode on the first tram along with senior government officials, with two more trains following behind, for the inaugural run.