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Usually we did not travel on passenger liners, but rather small cargo vessels, really tramp steamers, which called at lesser ports on an unscheduled basis.
This is, after all, a biography, and since Stella never saw military combat or the inside of a tramp steamer or of a guru's cave in Nepal, what else is there to write about?
Equally important to the novel's success is Timm's portrait of a contemporary yuppie as a headhunter (light on formal education, heavy on experience), a Hamburger born in the red-light district to a mother who thinks his father, "the one who'd accidentally scored the bull's-eye," is a Swede, "a helmsman on a tramp steamer that for years had sailed the Pacific.
Like all Liberty Ships, she was based on a British tramp steamer design and was rather an "ugly duckling".
Based on the original story by Merian C Cooper and Edgar Wallace, out-of-work actress Ann Darrow (Watts) is hired by ambitious filmmaker Carl Denham (Jack Black) to join him, his crew and a playwright (Adrien Brody) on a voyage to Skull Island aboard the tramp steamer Venture.
Here is Alex Cross, from Seaford, East Sussex, then the second mate of a tramp steamer arriving in Cardiff, describing the exuberance tinged with the erotic that marked that day.
Their tramp steamer, Anglo Saxon, was carrying Welsh coal to Argentina when it was sunk off the Azores in 1940 by a German raider.
Not "on the cadge" but like a tramp steamer moving from place to place, seeking work to keep grub in the stomach and a pint in the hand.
But this is also a man who ran away from home at the age of 14, to avoid being sent to Rugby school, made his way by tramp steamer to Australia, and later earned a fortune in the gold mines of South Africa, before spending eight days flying a Tiger Moth solo to England, so that he could take part in the war.
The spaceship Red Dwarf is an old tramp steamer working around the moons of Saturn.
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