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As per sources, incidents, issues to ensure strengthening of existing mechanism for maintaining peace and tranquility were discussed in this meeting.
Traveling Tranquility offers individual services as well as custom mobile spa events for all ages and occasions, including bridal showers, bachelorette parties, wedding parties, “girls nights in” events, birthday parties (for princesses, teens or adults) as well as corporate events or fundraisers.
Thus, they are not concerned with tranquility meditation.
David Mullins, managing director at Yuill Homes, said: "We are proud to unveil Tranquility House as the new head office of Yuill Homes and are delighted to have relocated to a superb modern facility within our hometown of Hartlepool.
The gift collection includes: The Gift of Pure Relief, The Gift That Lets Them Shine, The Gift of Refresh-Mint, Give Time for Tranquility and Groom Him for Any Adventure.
It may be providing some kind of happiness as tranquility, if "tranquility" is understood as simply a lack of disturbance, but presumably Rasmussen wants to say that that sort of tranquility is rather a precondition for happiness, not the happiness of individuals themselves.
The cover is needed to protect the seals and docking mechanisms on Tranquility from the cold.
Endeavour lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on Monday with the connecting hub, named Tranquility, and a seven-sided viewing port, slated to be installed later this week.
While everyone else was minding their own business last week, a California commission threw its loving arms around some 106 items, including tools, boots, food containers, an American flag and other "moon junk" left at the Sea of Tranquility.
That his prose like a slow centripetal whirlwind involves one in a dark world monstered with dreadfully fascinating people fumbling at all the big questions and ending up being devoured by them will be evident to anyone who takes up his new novel Tranquility.
BLISSLIVING HOME WILL LAUNCH a number of bed ensembles at the New York International Gift Fair later this week, including the Tranquility duvet set.
Japanese gardens are legendary for their natural tranquility and artistically elegant use of space and topography.