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One issue is the role of physicians, particularly internists and family physicians, in the tranquilizer story.
One interesting theme in the book describes the undercurrent of concern within scientific and popular circles about the potential for dependence and serious withdrawal effects from long-term use of tranquilizers.
Add to that the rise of the women's health movement in the 1960s and several high-profile women and their tales of addiction in the 1970s and early '80s, and it is clear how tranquilizer use was vilified.
Jimmy had been designated as Jerry's caregiver, and Jerry was on the drugs Haldol and Thorazine, also a tranquilizer.
Tranquilizers and barbiturates are used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders.
But as soon he took a rest he was hit by six tranquilizer darts and carried back to his cage.
And, when the study ended, the participants showed no signs of dependency, unlike what often happens with prescription tranquilizers like Xanax.
The singers gave a recital of great operatic episodes of psychosis and neurosis while the program listed what psychiatric condition each character might have suffered--and an ad for the appropriate tranquilizer.
The bluesy rhythm and steady rap of the music act as a sexy tranquilizer for the nervous group: Bill Cooley, Laura Doughty, Daphne Vitolins, and Steven Lumadue are drawn together, squiggling and pawing, tantalizing each other - but never looking at each other.
When lithium has had a chance to act, the tranquilizer may be gradually withdrawn.
The tranquilizing effects of benzodiazephine, a frequently used minor tranquilizer (Tallman, Paul, Skolick, & Gallager, 1980), are countered by caffeine.
The club drug that is also commonly used as a horse tranquilizer is called--.