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Chapter Titles: Introduction; Principles governing the safety evaluation of residues of veterinary drugs in food; Modification of the agenda; Evaluation of antimicrobial agents; Safety of residues at the injection site; General issues relating to MRLs; Statistical approaches for recommending MRLs; Policies for evaluating residues of veterinary drugs in food; requirements for validation of analytical methods; Harmonization with the Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues of substances used both as veterinary drugs and as pesticides; fl-Adrenoceptor-blocking agent; Anthelminthic agent; Antimicrobial agents; Insecticides; Production aids; Tranquilizing agent; Recommendations
Tranquilizing it may have taken a short amount of time to take effect, but authorities could have tried this first rather than just decide to kill.
Staff from Fisheries & Wildlife brought a gun and a tranquilizing dart.
I think these people should have stun guns and tranquilizing equipment.
But you wished they would have shown a modicum of that competence in tranquilizing the bear, and thus preventing its unfortunate demise.
If the effect of all of this wasn't so stunningly tranquilizing, you'd think you were going crazy or something.