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Alas, their tranquilizing attempts seem to have done nothing more than terrorize the bear and contribute greatly to its injured state and thus its mercy killing.
For more than two hours, officials chased the bear before tranquilizing and relocating it to a wooded area nearby.
The idea is to rob smoking of its rewards, such as the taste of tobacco and the tranquilizing and alertness-inducing effects of nicotine.
Two veterinarians fired tranquilizing darts with needles the size of nails into the animals' rumps.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Tranquilizing Gun For The Use Of Capturing/Handling Of Departmental Elephants
Charles Ziemba and Environmental Police Officer William Woytek shot the bear with a tranquilizing dart as it perched in a tree next to the Athol Daily News parking lot, off Exchange Street.
However, the leopard died due to overdose of medicine used for tranquilizing the animal by a team of experts of Assam Zoo, besides getting injuries after falling from the treetop.
As the cat ran through the chaparral-covered hill area, one of the federal officers shot it after it was determined tranquilizing it would be too dangerous, officials said.