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Now, after 30 years of tranquillisers mixed with a variety of anti-depressants, the mother-of-six says the drugs have left her physically and mentally handicapped.
A SHOCKING new report claims Irish people take more tranquillisers than anyone else in Europe.
But when he failed to respond to standard treatments, the doctors tried different drugs including horse tranquilliser ketamine.
The tranquilliser - which was launched by Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche in 1963 - was once one of the world's most widely prescribed drugs, and was associated with the acceptable, suburban face of drug-taking.
There are about two million tranquilliser users in Britain and the lives of 15 % of people in Britain and the USA have been blighted by benzodiazepines (used for calming or sleep).
Aims to help people who wish to withdraw from tranquillisers or sleeping pills.
Hypnosis is also helpful in treating stress as well as tranquilliser addiction.
Q I've read in the newspaper that tranquillisers can bring on Alzheimer's.
The Council for Information on Tranquillisers and Antidepressants was founded in 1987 and is still going strong.
People in the borough take more anti-depressants than any other community - and the most tranquillisers.
Then Mavis discovered the Council for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction (CITA).