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He urged them to play their due role in promoting harmony and tranquillity during muharram.
Police on the special directive of City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi along with Rangers and the contingents of Muhafiz squads, Elite Force squads, Rescue teams and City Traffic Police conducted a flag march with an objective to maintain peace and tranquillity in the city during Muharram-ul-Haram.
Electricity and the associated renewable energy credits (RECs) produced by the Tranquillity solar facility will be sold under long-term power purchase agreements to offtakers including Southern California Edison (SCE).
We are concentrating on peace and tranquillity on the border, we are also working closely to eliminate any hiccups," he said.
Cabinet Member for Community Services, Coun Graham Craig said, "Its well worth finding out about all this before you need it and the new Garden of Tranquillity really is a beautiful place to come and remember loved ones.
Professor Whitaker told OT: "The relative contribution of sound and vision towards a judgment of tranquillity is far from simple.
UK Peace and Tranquillity Week was set up by the County Durham Tourism Partnership after a national tranquillity map compiled by the Campaign to Protect Rural England identified North East England as the UK''s most relaxing region.
I am writing this at 5am on a Friday morning after some rainfall, while tranquillity prevails, thus I am "savouring the silence" that is punctuated only by the oh-so-sweet sound of a blackbird singing, "bliss", if only short-lived.
I had the idea to do something to show tranquillity and then the idea came to express this theme through photos and poetry," said Mr Al Rowaie, who is also Al Sawari Theatre director.
A TRANQUILLITY garden celebrating spirituality and world religions has been unveiled to children at a Nuneaton school.
Durham is holding week of events dedicated to rest and relaxation as part of UK Peace and Tranquillity Week Co-ordinated by County Durham Tourism Partnership, the week will feature more than 25 events and tranquil overnight getaways across the county.
For Dark Tranquillity, songs begin with an idea and a growl.