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more tranquilly conduct [her affairs], which she did in the country, she retired to her castle" (trans.
Coronel wrote that for his Yankee guest to find Whitman in rural Nicaragua "surprised him as much as finding a caiman on Beacon Street or a tapir grazing tranquilly in Boston Common.
she] stood before him in a kind of clouded majesty, like some deposed princess moving tranquilly to exile" (210).
The third account ends with Confucius learning how to "pass on tranquilly.
The Spaniards were unable to exterminate the Indian race by those unparalleled atrocities which brand them with indelible shame, nor did they succeed even in wholly depriving it of its rights; but the Americans of the United States have accomplished this twofold purpose with singular felicity; tranquilly, legally, philanthropically, without shedding blood, and without violating a singular great principal of morality in the eyes of the world.
All the visitor had to do was go to see the exhibition and tranquilly follow its itinerary.
The night before he faced the Emperor's formidable army he wrote of his love of his family, telling his wife: "My darling Mary, I must tell you again how tranquilly I shall die, should it be my fate to fall, we cannot, my own love, die together; one or other must witness the loss of what we love most.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian army troops killed and wounded a large number of al-Nusra Front terrorists in heavy clashes in Southwestern Quneitra province, and restored tranquilly to the region.
Deleuze and Guattari echoing Maurice Blanchot, opine that "Courage consists, however, in agreeing to flee rather than live tranquilly and hypocritically in false refuges" such as morals, homeland, and religion(341).
Durham recommended a popular government for the unified province because it was "only by a popular government, in which an English majority shall permanently predominate, that Lower Canada, if a remedy for its disorders be not too long delayed, can be tranquilly ruled.
Flowing between the districts of Kannur, Kasargod and Coorg, Tejaswini is a beautiful river that traverses the hilly terrains of these districts, flowing tranquilly and vigorously in turns.
While tranquilly floating on one of Tobago's most beautiful untapped tourist points - the idyllic lagoon Nylon Pools - our glass-bottomed boat encountered some local revellers on their own vessel.