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CALLS have been made for Governments across Europe to consider legislation to limit the amount of trans-fatty acids in food which are putting people's heart health at risk.
Trans-fatty acids are produced by grazing animals, and small quantities are therefore found in meat and milk products.
Willett also said the FDA should require fast-food restaurants to label menu items because fried fast foods and commercially baked goods often contain trans-fatty acids.
Krauss, who chaired the dietary guidelines committee, said that the guidelines continue to recommend a saturated fat intake of less than 10% of total calories, but they go further to recommend that less than 3% of total calories be in the form of trans-fatty acids, which have been shown to increase LDL cholesterol and reduce HDL cholesterol (Circulation 102[18]:2284-99, 2000).
And for the first time, the guidelines also warn that partly hydrogenated vegetables oils, which are found in margarines and shortenings, contain a substance called trans-fatty acids that may raise blood-cholesterol levels.
Willett answered a question from a reader who heard that olive oil used in cooking turns into trans-fatty acids that raise cholesterol.
Not just the type but also the ratio of fatty acids is vital to brain health, so it's best to mix the oils in the diet, while eliminating trans-fatty acids, rampant in "junk foods.
Cineplex is using 100% non-hydrogenated corn oil, with no trans-fatty acids and 83% less saturated fat than coconut oil.
The food industry is also subject to consumer concerns regarding genetically modified organisms and the health implications of obesity and trans-fatty acids.
People with increasingly limited time are challenged to navigate an increasingly complicated food supply with a growing roster of covert `bad' foods - trans-fatty acids, hidden fats and sugars, and various `no-fat' foods that fuel appetite and hunger.
When asked about certain food-related issues, a majority of people indicated that they are aware of and concerned about the health risks surrounding obesity, trans-fatty acids and saturated fat.

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