transact business with

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References in classic literature ?
The native firms laid it down as a rule that they would decline to transact business with any house in the trade which refused to grant them their privilege.
The next day, Wednesday, Monsieur Rabourdin was to transact business with the minister, for he had filled the late La Billardiere's place since the beginning of the latter's illness.
For heaven's sake, don't transact business with him to-day; let me find some means for you to avoid it.
I will go and tell Rabourdin," added des Lupeaulx, "that you cannot transact business with him till Saturday.
The minister refused to transact business with Rabourdin to- day; and Monsieur Saillard, to whom the secretary said a few words, came to tell Monsieur Baudoyer to apply for the cross of the Legion of honor,--there is one to be granted, you know, on New-Year's day, to all the heads of divisions.
I had frequently seen Hunsden in Bigben Close, where he came almost weekly to transact business with Mr.
Mison said the suspected "facilitators" have no clearance to transact business with the bureau.
SightSpeed offers consumers and small businesses a complete and compelling suite of IP-based personal video services (including the industry's best in class and best reviewed voice and video services that enable them to connect, communicate, market and transact business with friends, family, colleagues and customers around the world).
We are striving to provide user-friendly methods to transact business with the city over the Internet, resulting in convenience, fast access to information, and increased productivity for our city staff.
The hosted service enables 180s to continue to electronically transact business with more than 50 retail customers including Academy Sports, Belk, Bloomingdale's, Boscov's, Home Depot, L.
Cultivate Systems not only made it easy for my winery to transact business with my customers, but it gave me the flexibility to have individualized allocations during my release periods.
EasyLink FTS solves a widespread problem faced by large banks today of having to use substantially different processes and technologies to transact business with commercial customers and small and midsize banks than they use to transact business with their large counterparts, all of which use the global SWIFT network.