transact with

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References in classic literature ?
To which Merlin made answer, "The devil, Sancho, is a blockhead and a great scoundrel; I sent him to look for your master, but not with a message from Montesinos but from myself; for Montesinos is in his cave expecting, or more properly speaking, waiting for his disenchantment; for there's the tail to be skinned yet for him; if he owes you anything, or you have any business to transact with him, I'll bring him to you and put him where you choose; but for the present make up your mind to consent to this penance, and believe me it will be very good for you, for soul as well for body- for your soul because of the charity with which you perform it, for your body because I know that you are of a sanguine habit and it will do you no harm to draw a little blood.
Steighton, you may leave the room; I have some business to transact with this gentleman.
Blunt could have had to transact with our odious visitor, of a nature so urgent as to make him run out after him into the hall?
Scarcely ever; she had business to transact with linen drapers, to whose houses I conducted her.
The AS2 standard, which Manco uses to transact with Lowe's, allows vendor applications to communicate data over the Internet (via HTTP) in a secure manner.
ipm provides market-makers like Transact with a complete solution that has been designed to automate the B2B commerce spectrum from trading through financial settlement.
Affiliate sites select offers most relevant to their consumer, business and professional audiences and receive revenues when their audience members transact with participating marketers, using a results-oriented payment and reporting system.
Unisphere teamed with Siemens Ltd (Australia), who provides products and business services for carrier infrastructure networks and large businesses, to provide TransACT with a next-generation IP infrastructure.
Preparations for the launch are underway, and we believe that IPL Datron's well-established distribution system and reputation for delivering high-quality products will provide TransAct with an effective ally as we enter these markets.
Preparations for the launch into Latin America are underway, and we believe that Okidata's marketing organization and reputation for delivering high-quality products will provide TransAct with an effective entry into this market.