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Future phases of the Enterprise Network Hub and the Transaction Processing Hub will incorporate packet-switched network interfaces such as X.
The Enterprise Network Hub and Transaction Processing Hub will range in price from $25,000 to $60,000 per chassis.
Encina support for COBOL means that existing COBOL applications can be ported more easily, many COBOL tools can be used with Encina applications, and COBOL programmers can reuse their skills and expertise when building distributed transaction processing applications.
Encina COBOL support provides the means for today's commercial programmers to exploit leading-edge distributed transaction processing.
The Encina family of transaction processing products provides a comprehensive framework for the development and deployment of distributed and transactional applications.
Companies have traditionally done transaction processing in large, centralized computing environments, but as their businesses evolve to include more departmental computing and more global operations, many are looking to add distributed, standards-based computing networks, including UNIX(B) systems, as a cost-effective way to increase capacity and flexibility.
IBM's new online transaction processing environment, based on the RISC System/6000 and AIX/6000(A), IBM's advanced implementation of the UNIX operating system, ideally meets these expanding requirements for open, distributed computing.
headquartered in Summit, develops and markets the UNIX System V operating system and other Open Systems software, including the TUXEDO Enterprise Transaction Processing System, Open Networking Platform(R) OSI technology, and the C++ Programming Language System, to the worldwide computer industry.
Motif's BPO suite comprises of high-end transaction processing services and customer care services.
Motif's BPO suite comprises of high-end transaction processing services which include investor services, benefits administration, mutual fund reconciliation and customer care services.
The integration is expected to spark significant additional growth and aggressive expansion into new product lines including life insurance transaction processing since the combined company will benefit from access to Ebix's extensive development resources and the larger customer footprint of the combined entity.
We believe that the combination of EbixLife and Finetre has the ability to propel the industry forward in terms of converging life and annuity illustrations and transaction processing on a single platform, while improving Ebix's 2007 earnings.

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