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noun accomplishment, achievement, act, action, activity, administration, adventure, affair, commission, completion, consummation, deal, deed, direction, effectuation, enactment, enterprise, execution, exercise, exploit, management, measure, negotium, operation, performance, proceeding, process, purchase, sale, undertaking
Associated concepts: arms length transaction, transacting business, transactional immunity
Foreign phrases: Res inter alios judicatae nullum aliis praejudicium faciunt.Transactions between strangers ought not to injure those who are not parties to them.
See also: act, agreement, business, commerce, commission, contract, course, deal, event, exchange, interchange, occurrence, operation, proceeding, process, sale, trade, treatment, undertaking

TRANSACTION, contracts, civil law. An agreement between two or more persons, who for the purpose of preventing or putting an end to a law suit, adjust their differences by mutual consent, in the manner which they agree on; in Louisiana this contract must be reduced to writing. Civil Code of Louis, 3038.
     2. Transactions regulate only the differences which appear to be clearly comprehended in them by the intentions of the parties, whether they be explained in a general or particular manner, unless it be the necessary consequence of what is expressed; and they do not extend to differences which the parties, never intended to include in them. Id. 3040.
     3. To transact, a man must have the capacity to dispose of the things included in the transaction. Id. 3039; 1 Domat, Lois Civiles, liv. 1, t. 13, s. 1; Dig. lib. 2, t. 15, l. 1; Code lib. 2, t. 4, 1. 41. In the common law this is called a compromise. (q.v.)

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In this study, we expect marital and child adjustment to be transactionally related.
By the same token that anger as emotional experience is immanent to its performance in demeanor and interaction, so too anger is transactionally rescindable.
We have pension-related risks, those in transactionally related foreign exchange exposures, and others that might be considered," he says.
As Altra-moves into retail customer service, Braziel said the energy management system to be built around the customer will require the abilities to handle the physical commodity, very transactionally intensive billing and collections, a marketing sales and support organization, and a customer information system.
OCLC, RLG, WLN--are services where one pays to search (either transactionally or by subscription) and where the databases were at first a byproduct of very largescale shared cataloging activities.
Transactionally, the partnership contributes all of its assets and liabilities to the LLC in exchange for member interests in the LLC; the partnership then terminates, distributing the interests in the LLC to its partners in liquidation.
The ExactTarget Fuel platform is among the most transactionally intense cloud platforms today, powering the cross-channel digital marketing and messaging of clients around the world," said Ian Murdock, vice president, platform at ExactTarget.
With deep roots in private equity, debt, real estate, biotech and energy, Condon caters to funds that are transactionally light in volume and high in complexity.
To summarize, then, in class actions that are litigated to judgment, the class action gloss may permit absent class members to pursue some transactionally related individual actions notwithstanding a judgment against the class.
Another good illustration of a transactionally conclusory complaint
Information systems will also move from being transactionally focused to supporting relational exchange between key supply chain partners.

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