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The adoption of Amphire will enable BURGER KING suppliers, distributors and restaurant operators to transact from a single source - a web-based order management system - rather than using multiple solutions and standards.
Amphire enables all industry trading partners to communicate and transact electronically, regardless of protocols or standards and without the use of expensive dedicated hardware and software.
The popularity of the Auction reflects the fact that we have delivered exactly what the market demands -- a continuous low cost, reliable, flexible means to transact RTCs and ERCs.
Transact makes sure that their printer paper is priced right and arrives on time, every time," says Warren Swain, sales manager, TRANSACT.
TRANSACT is offering complimentary show passes, providing access to the industry event where more than 15,000 restaurant and foodservice professionals will gather to learn about new business solutions from companies like TRANSACT.
With this, Foxwoods will be able to use the EPICENTRAL[TM] Print System to connect to any existing slot machine, regardless of the game's manufacturer or the current slot system, as long as the slot machine is equipped with a TransAct Epic 950[R] printer.