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The author holds that transcendence and self-transcendence are the axis around which Heschel's entire work revolves.
Redeeming Transcendence from negative feedback and posts, there are viewers who think differently of the film.
The internet is something of a villain in Transcendence.
The good news is that Transcendence is perfectly watchable, has some interesting themes about medical progress and brilliant cinematography too.
Transcendence aims at leaving an undercurrent question on how far humanity should push the concept of artificial intelligence.
The responsibility of reason, then, requires us to balance both aspects of our nature in light of transcendence.
I took on my first ultra-marathon in 2007, and following a good start to this year with no injuries and good recovery speeds, I decided to go for the Self Transcendence 24 Hour race just over two months before the race date.
More than in its ontology of finite and original liberty, (1) it is in the metaphysical implications as well as in the existential hermeneutic of religious experience of God that Pareyson's ultimate philosophy reaffirms again the unavoidability (from the point of view of finitude and of finite and personal existence) of opening such transcendental space to the understanding of transcendence as original liberty, ultimately interpreted according to the narration of religion existentially and freely lived.
The real genius of Henry's critique lies in identifying the different levels of immanence and transcendence operative for Husserl.
Considering Transcendence offers a phenomenological account of the identity belonging to religion and a religious orientation towards reality (pp.
In the first chapter, 'Far and Beyond: Transcendence in Two Cultures', Biderman attempts to examine what he calls the 'conceptual schemes' of eastern and western thought systems.