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Although subsumed under the structure of the medieval university, the collision of Aristotelian natural philosophy with Christian transcendency produced some historically significant clashes, especially in the University of Paris that stood in close association with the Roman Catholic Church.
Yet, despite his toppling, from a position of "deviant transcendency," to use Girard's term, the triangle is not dissolved.
Instead, death's pause with life is always bordered, the opening into transcendency met with its inherent impossibility.
This in no way underestimates the transcendency of democracy as a form of government and way of life, above all after the rivers of blood spilled in Latin America to realize it.
Beverly's work as a lobbyist grew out of her own needs, but her satisfaction and sense of transcendency over MS derives from the knowledge she is helping others.
BuddeComm would like to present it as a set of thoughts, with a view to stimulating a discussion on topics such as human evolution, human-machine transcendency, smart societies and trans-sector thinking.
Either way, Shadows makes claims for the transcendency of art while slyly remaining close to the ground.
The transcendency of Gemma's life," they explain, "calls for a transdisciplinary strategy, and that is our approach in this collective work" (xv).
canons, works can be found which subjectively express grief and--although more seldom--also works which pass through all stages of grief up to transcendency and thus for the composer represent also a kind of "process of greiving.
Girard writes, "Deviated transcendency is a caricature of vertical transcendency.
In the third part of the volume, Alston, Mavrodes, Swinburne, Rowe, and Morris investigate certain religious ascriptions concerning particular divine attributes, such as transcendency, eternality, providence, perfection, omnipotence, as well as the adequacy of human language and concepts and the dimensions of morality.