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22) This transcendentalizing effect of desire through the withdrawal of the desired object from the senses is an effect of the male gaze; women are the objects through which the erotic imagination begins to transcend its own limitations and to imagine a greater transcendental object which exceeds the senses, but women themselves are systematically foreclosed from this sublimation of desire.
The implication of Benhabib's argument for Habermasian discourse ethics is thus that the impartiality of the moral point of view is bought at the cost of transcendentalizing the subject.
One of the most important recent critics of romantic poetry, Marjorie Levinson attacks William's transcendentalizing routines and the complicity of his apostolic critics.
These material truths belie, implicitly, explicit categorizing and transcendentalizing.
In such a framework the transcendentalizing step from the world to "the life of things," seen as the central spiritual displacement of the poem by Jerome McGann, becomes further complicated by otherness, or division within the speaker's consciousness.