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For they are so related that they are like differences dividing a genus or like intrinsic modes; for example, infinite and finite as these contract being which transcendentally is prior to them.
That space is transcendentally ideal means, it is not real 'in respect of things when they are considered in themselves'51, similarly, time is transcendentally ideal means it is not real with respect to things in themselves, 'if we abstract from the subjective conditions of sensible intuition, time is nothing, and cannot be ascribed to the objects in themselves.
In performing its function, The Dharma must necessarily operate as both an intrinsic or immanent and extrinsic or transcendent feature of reality: intrinsic precisely because spatiotemporal vicissitude-contingency immanently instantiates it; extrinsic because it transcendentally (ideally--in thought) grounds that instantiation.
Such an understanding does not invalidate our literal belief in the Incarnation, it simply recognizes a higher, more deeply and transcendentally True origin for the event than is available to us in this fallen world and with our limited comprehension.
The ethical imperative of reading for him is to keep the lack alive at any price: whenever his reading finds every object which could satisfy it phenomenally or transcendentally and thus threatens to extinguish it, it must set its desire again in motion.
Their content, which is more than superficial or illustrational iconography, is genuinely radical and transcendentally humanistic.
If consciousness is transcendentally impersonal, then the idea of an absolutely basic, "natural" level of self-concerned or egoistic motivation in human psychology must be abandoned (transcendence as a structure of consciousness is a structure of the for-itself).
The formal principle of pure practical reason is the formal principle of transcendentally free agency.
The worn columns, arches and pillars rest almost transcendentally after centuries of glory.
The partitioning of the waters from land, the emergence of vegetation, the evolution of life itself--each of these can be understood from this pneumatological vantage point as being propelled by the breath of God that transcendentally hovered over the primordial creation.
By taking up a concept that resists the moral code, that in effect declares itself as exo-moral and transcendentally beyond ethical understanding, we come to understand how resistances are formed, what function they perform, and how certain versions of them can be seen as necessary, revolutionary, and creative in terms of cultural processes.
It aspired to create freethinking individuals with relevant skills to be able to act locally and aspire transcendentally for liberation.