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The manner of movement, increasingly identified with interior actions and the intellect, becomes the criteria for the placement of each being--minerals, plants, animals, men, angels--in this hierarchy, (17) with God transcendently above as the apex, drawing all creatures to him.
The spectacle of sex is never very dignified but when you are engaged in it seems transcendently sublime," the Telegraph quoted Banville as telling the BBC.
As Robert Wess notes, "the core critique of centrism is that discourses are situated, not transcendently centrist, because they are composed by human beings in concrete circumstances .
relief Plaintiffs seek reveal[] the transcendently legislative nature of
Hillman presents the phenomenon signaled in the title, which he defines as follows: "the experience by avatars of Holofernes of a seductive femininity transcendently equipped to turn their swords against them" (65).
AEP, saying it presented political questions that "are not the proper domain of judges" and that the "scope and magnitude of the relief Plaintiffs seek reveals the transcendently legislative nature of this litigation.
Along these lines, he dismisses the Chinese army as an inscrutable enigma and entertains a vague fantasy of them as a transcendently evil foe: a "phantom which cast no shadow.
This history, combined with the fact that he started out as a percussionist, says a lot about the expressive, highly rhythmic, and transcendently bluesy guitar style Traore went on to develop.
But this does not go far enough; De Quincey is not concerned to decipher hieroglyphic knowledge so much as to ingest it, to know it transcendently as a dreamtext, to be subject to it and yet to be divided from it.
Like Hegel and Habermas after him, Kant sought to have a God who was no longer recognized as transcendently existent or known theoretically but who nevertheless could do duty for philosophy, in this case as an idea and as a practical postulate.
Its transcendently brooding common law does not exist now, and never really did, although there are still rare reported sightings and sideshow simulacra.
12) Like the gods of the ANE, the god(s) of Israel and biblical tradition were transcendently anthropomorphic.