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The last section asked them to rate their perceptions of the quality of the materials that they transcribe at their schools.
Contractor shall transcribe in all the other languages when a translator is provided by the
Nationwide Reporting and other companies can do the recording themselves, or transcribe a tape overnighted or even transmitted over the Internet, with a transcript via email back within hours.
Typically, oral surgeons use manual methods to record, and later transcribe patients' vital signs during surgery.
Technology has come a long way from the time my father used to lug old 10-pound Wollensak recorders to hotels and record and transcribe conferences.
Most investigators, however, still transcribe infant utterances without the benefit of an acoustic analysis.
Conversations and agreements taken over the phone will increase, and the need to record and transcribe them will be essential to operations.
The Braille Textbook Transcriber curriculum will provide students with the necessary general education coursework, applicable workforce skills and transcribing experience to successfully transcribe textbooks and learning materials in a standardized format.
Because the eSense PiKo wirelessly transmits PEF and FEV1 data into the eDiary, subjects cannot transcribe such measurements, thus eliminating various well-known avenues that result in erroneous data - such as invented data, intentional or accidental failure to follow the protocol, and failure to transcribe a measurement accurately or legibly.
com/mturk), lets CastingWords access a network of humans to transcribe the podcasts inexpensively, quickly, and with high quality.
Marantz customers can download TheRecord Player from the Marantz or FTR Web site at no charge and then play back, manage and transcribe audio recorded with either Marantz recorder.
The Firm Will Transcribe The Hearings From The Audio Tile Uploaded To Their Secure Server, Create A Pdf Of The Transcript, And Ready This Copy For Download By The Vwc From The Secure Server.