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NTE can also transcribe live conversations, streaming results after only approximately ten seconds, making transcription available almost immediately after the words are spoken.
Certified transcribers, noncertified transcribers, volunteers, paraeducators, and teachers of students with visual impairments are all regularly used to transcribe materials (Allman & Lewis, 1996; Corn & Wall, 2002; Herzberg & Stough, 2007, 2009; Rosenblum & Amato, 2004; Wall & Corn, 2002).
com/products/transcriva), which lets you transcribe various media files and record and transcribe directly from the application.
To do so, it has called on its user community to help transcribe the records.
Now, two groups of scientists have independently discovered that human cells transcribe this seemingly meaningless pattern into RNA molecules, a finding that could have implications for understanding cancer and aging.
She recorded her ideas on tape and Quade came in later to transcribe and edit.
Generally it takes between two to three hours to transcribe every hour of recorded data.
Jim Duffy, chairman of Strathclyde Police Federation, said: 'It's indicative of the problems within the Glasgow fiscal's office that Dingwall can transcribe these tapes quicker.
Upon deposition, the nurse responsible for admitting the resident stated that when she received the records from the hospital, she went through the information and started to fill in the nursing home's admitting records and transcribe the physician's orders.
Contributors describe his extraordinary ability to absorb the histories and meanings of these disparate things and quickly transcribe the essentials into pictures and symbols that spoke most often about black history--it's struggles, contributions and heroes.
We will instruct typists immediately to transcribe the tapes.
Transparent onionskin paper overlies these images, with handwritten captions that transcribe and confuse the relationship between intelligibility and visibility: the contours of the hands are outlined with the English word "you," repeated like links in a chain--the self defined by the other.