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For instance, in Leigh and Barclay's (2000) pilot study of 5 teachers serving students who read braille, the teachers reported that they regularly transcribed some materials themselves.
The Lion of the Piano, transcribed by Spike Wilner.
Genetic variations in the internal transcribed spacer and mitochondrial small subunit rRNA gene of Naegleria spp.
This, along with transcribed records, often provides sufficient information to treat and triage patients effectively.
The group or practice known as Robotic Research, for example, is represented by one of those lazily transcribed interviews in which the questions are almost as long as the answers.
His book consists of brief essays in which he recalls individual sessions, transcribed from memory, during which "questions arise from life.
Traditionally, test results are viewed on the equipment's display, transcribed to a test log and presented to the quality department for review and evaluation.
According to Croatia's defense ministry, the transcribed phone calls were among thousands intercepted by the country's military intelligence service.
Children's orally invented stories were tape recorded and transcribed.
Vivaldi wrote a "Goldfinch Concerto," and Messiaen transcribed birdsongs for orchestras.
The TV and radio broadcasts were transcribed using automatic speech recognition, and the Mandarin text was converted to English using COTS Mandarin-to-English software.
The trial of a man accused of killing a hijacker who drove off with bootleg cigarettes from a Walsall car park was stopped yesterday because seven hours of tape recorded witness statements had not been transcribed.