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The 166 participants represented a variety of personnel, including certified braille transcribers, noncertified braille transcribers, paraeducators, and teachers of students with visual impairments.
Since then, Tucker has hired several transcriber trainees who he is mentoring to become full-time transcribers.
On Monday February 6, Gordon will devote his lunchtime concert at Huddersfield Town Hall to the Great Transcribers, the composers who arranged orchestral music for the organ.
Aileen Douglas's essay on Maria Edgeworth, for example, looks at her role as her father's copyist and transcriber, and her resistance to the notion that literary works were different from or inferior to other forms of writing.
Yet the whole thing works magnificently under the hands of transcriber David Briggs, playing his own spectacular instrument at Gloucester Cathedral.
Volunteers tracked individual bees, calling out their movements a transcriber.
In fact, the final nine pages of the 76-sheet document turn away from the first voyage to offer selections from Columbus's journal from his third voyage, again with considerable intervention by the transcriber.
After misdirected gunfire left her paralyzed from the chest down in 1977, she worked as a data transcriber for the IRS from 1982-88.
Daggatt does not mumble; perhaps the transcriber was handicapped by a bad tape.
This bid is also for a system that sends feed from live meetings to a transcriber who types the text, embeds it in the video and then returns it, in near real time, to the broadcast facility (City Hall).
com/), a new kind of voice-to-text transcription company, provides best-in-class transcription accuracy, turnaround, and rates by using a hybrid model of speech processing technology plus a crowd-sourced human transcriber platform.