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For example, with NTE an organization can: transcribe large volumes of audio content within an organization's call center to provide rich customer insights and improve service, produce rapid transcription of broadcast media in order to understand and analyze what is being said in near-real time worldwide, or fully transcribe corporate audio and video assets for rapid searching and indexing.
There are a number of risks associated with the practice that can leave the nurse who transcribes at risk of breaching Right 4(2) of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.
Nuance's Voicemail-to-Text service transcribes incoming voicemails into SMS text messages and each transcribed message includes a one-click link for responding by return phone call or with an SMS text.
Who transcribes instructional materials into braille in Texas public schools?
The fourth was Lox, which transcribes a copper-containing enzyme involved in the creation of connective tissue.
Idictate is a 24/7 dictation service that transcribes spoken words into written words (www.
shown in SEQ ID NO: 1, which disease gene transcribes an mRNA encoding the cDNA of which the