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It was also usefuland more funto have a group transcribing together, as getting someone elses opinion on what a word might say proved useful on many occasions.
There was a lot of confusion in the sector regarding nurses' responsibilities when transcribing.
Although this method has not been evaluated in the literature, its effectiveness obviously may vary greatly in that it is highly dependent on the teacher-trainer's own skills in braille transcribing.
For transcribing, I would suggest starting with Casting Words (www.
Often, transcribing the genetic information encoded in DNA into matching RNA molecules is the first step in making a protein based on the gene.
She examines both conceptual and technical choices that are made--if not carefully, then carelessly--when transcribing speech as part of a research or preservation project.
The Language of God in the Universe is the first in a four-part series by Bible scholar, historian, and astronomer Helena Lehman transcribing how God reveals Himself through creation.
Given the time constraints on most educators the idea of spending time transcribing is often a major deterrent from an activity like a focus group.
IRS employees never enter apostrophes in names when transcribing paper returns, according to Ted Meyer, compliance program manager for the IRS Small Business, Self-Employed Division.
The Crown Office ordered evidence to Dingwall last month over concerns that too much time was being spent transcribing tapes in Glasgow.
Galilei's book is much more than a description of how to set music for the lute: he viewed intabulation not as an end in itself but as an ideal means of studying music and counseled transcribing polyphonic music in a form as close as possible to the vocal original.
transcribing an mRNA that encodes the cDNA of which the sequence from the 2679th to 2952nd bases is