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The pilot was responsible for maintaining desired altitude, speed, and heading on transect centerlines using a preprogramed GPS (Garmin 695).
The density was calculated along each transect within a survey to determine whether any spatial differences in scallop density existed within the survey area.
At each site, three benthic core samples were taken on each sampling date at distances of 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 m from the edge of the cultured plot along the transect (2, 5, 10, 12, 15.
Results--We obtained 58 scrub-jay detections from opportunistic surveys and 31 scrub-jay detections from transect surveys.
2] there was a significant exponentially decreasing trend with smaller numbers associated with higher transect numbers (Fig.
Missouri Transect partner institutions will offer annual Womens' Summer Institutes in Computer Science and Bioinformatics for female high school and undergraduate students in the St.
Additionally, we ran tests to determine whether the number of transect line kilometers surveyed in good weather varied by season.
In each plot ticks were counted on 4 parallel, 10 cm transects roughly 2 cm apart; the fur was combed/ held back and all visible ticks were counted along each transect down to the exposed hide (Sine et al.
I censused birds by walking the length of each transect at about 2 km/hr, beginning at the end closest to the fence.
The year-4 transect was deleted since its proximity to a prairie planting added atypical species into the old-field succession sequence.