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Although the number of individuals of each species observed and their combined totals varied among years and transect type (see Table 1 caption), the mean total number of amphibians observed increased to 27.
For each transect, we averaged species canopy cover based on the number of quadrats observed.
We established the transect within the national park in February 2014 which serves as the start date for this dataset which terminates on April 30th 2015.
Standard single-season occupancy models were applied to data collected in the field to provide estimates of detectability under different site and transect conditions.
61 individuals on the basis of nesting site population count and transect survey counts, respectively.
01 4 Adult 0 0 19 dead 0 0 19 Summary of the results for transects in the HC and LC habitat with the TVM counts and the divers counts during the BT [counts, mean counts per transect, SD, and number of transects with 0-counts (0-T)].
Then each transect was bootstrapped (N = 10,000) to obtain standard errors and 95% confidence intervals for each of the transect slopes.
Key words: line transects, snow tracking, population density, sex ratio, age structure, driving census
Changes in cover and species composition are presented in two ways: as a biplot of the species scores and as 95% confidence ellipses of the transect centroids (site scores).
Missouri Transect partner institutions will offer annual Womens' Summer Institutes in Computer Science and Bioinformatics for female high school and undergraduate students in the St.